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How about a quick introduction? I am:

  • A multi-genre Indie Author, writing the SOUL with HEART
  • A Blogger who loves to share her passion for books, reading, writing, the Writing Community and Indie publishing
  • A Speaker with more than two decades of experience to share with fellow writers and readers
  • An Editor offering manuscript editing services for Indie Authors AND
  • A Podcaster, half of the QWERTY Writing Life duo who also write and speak as a team

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Any Good Thing

None of us deserves any good thing. So, when one does come—it’s a gift.

Southern Literary Fiction, novel

This Good Thing

Even on the darker days, we can be thankful for this good thing—LIFE.

Christian Southern Fiction, novella

Finders Keepers

The writer’s life is solitary … only if you want it to be.

Writing Craft, nonfiction

Upcoming Events

August 8, 2020 * 5-9 PM

Olde Towne Slidell Art Market • Green Oaks Apothecary

“Leauxcal” artists, crafters and live music on display in the private lot at Green Oaks Apothecary in Olde Towne Slidell on the 2nd Saturday of every month. I’ll have a giveaway going … come enter to WIN!

September 7, 2020 * 8 PM (CDT)

September 2020 #LAMBookClub LIVE • Joy's Facebook Page

Let’s talk books and book clubs! Do you have an in-person club? How has this year changed the way you meet? How do you choose the books you read? Do you all read the same book or do you get together to share what you’re reading on your own? I’ll share what I offer to book clubs who read my books and tell about the book clubs I’ve been part of in the past or have observed more recently.

Discussing READING, WRITING and All Things LITERARY.

Logos & Mythos Blog

Virtual Learning for Writers

Virtual Learning for Writers

Are you a writer? Do you like to learn? Do these topics catch your eye—Creating Memorable Characters, On Writing Plot, Viewpoint and Dialogue? Are you a Christian who seeks to infuse your faith into your writing? If you answered yes, then get ready! About the Master...

Training to Write Fantasy

Training to Write Fantasy

When an athlete prepares to enter a competition or join a team, he or she trains hard. They eat right. Consuming the right calories is as important as doing the right exercises for a serious athlete.  Scholars train their minds before taking intense evaluations. They...



As I’m writing this, most of the United States is under stay-at-home orders from the government, thanks to Covid-19. Our lives have been upended. Each family has become homeschoolers overnight. Many people have lost their jobs. Some people have more time on their...


Words have built empires, articulated the deepest passions of the heart, defended beliefs and spread the power of dreams. Words hold great and lasting power.

– Joy E. Rancatore

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