The following stories explore some of the Faerie Shepherds and Shepherdesses within my fantasy world. The main character of the series of fantasy novels I am currently world-building is Elspeth. A fiery and independent Faerie Shepherdess, Elspeth learns that her prophecy is reverently whispered amongst the Faerie folk. In these tales, you will meet other Shepherds and Shepherdesses.

Many of these stories found special inspiration in writing prompts from a delightful online challenge called #BlogBattle.

The Crux Anthology, compiled by Rachael Ritchey; including In addition to these stories, you can read a more detailed piece of short fiction about the start of Elspeth’s Training. This tale, titled “Ealiverel Awakened,” appears as the second of sixteen delightful adventure stories in The Crux Anthology.

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