Joy E. Rancatore

Writing the Soul with Heart


Title: Reveal Coming Soon!

Status: Revisions

Genre: Literary Fiction

Subgenres: Contemporary, Southern

Jack Calhoun battles Beasts within and without as he journeys through life in five acts, finding hope and help in unexpected allies along his way.

Title: Elspeth’s Tale (Official Title Forthcoming)

Status: World-building

Genre: Fantasy

Elspeth chooses to accept her calling as Shepherdess of the Fae, but is she prepared to sacrifice all in order to fulfill the destiny prophesied before her birth? Can she unleash the power within, without allowing it to consume her? And how will her journey affect her sister-friend, Arabel—the one human who accepts her for who she is and what power she wields?

Title: Ashlee’s Book (Official Title to Come)

Status: Resting

Genre: Narrative Nonfiction

Fifteen-year-old Ashlee sang as she drove her dream convertible one May evening. In an instant a drunk driver took Ashlee’s choices and left her with a TBI … and her smile.

For more information on the history and writing of this book, please head over to this post: Writing a Book in Four Tenses.


Title: Sam & Carolina’s Story (Official Title TBD)

Status: Resting

Genre: Literary Fiction

Subgenre: Southern


Title: “Ealiverel Awakened”

Status: Published in The Crux Anthology

Genre: Fantasy

Elspeth has accepted her calling—Faerie Shepherdess. She journeys to Temple Taepaeum where she must pass several Trials to awaken all her power within in order to begin her Training.

This short story won second place in Rachael Ritchey’s Adventure SciFi and Fantasy competition and features with other stories in The Crux Anthology, released November 26, 2018. “Ealiverel Awakened” is a small part of what will one day be a full fantasy series by Joy.

Read more stories from this world in the Tales of Faerie Shepherds series.

Title: “Dream Debris”

Status: Editing for Submission

Genre: Historical Fiction


Murdoch and Osla love one another with passion that transcends separations, but will the Sea’s rage rend their feelings and cast the remnants to the waves as floating dream debris?

Title: “Walking the Parade Route”

Status: Available for Joy’s Newsletter Subscribers

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Laura wants to understand the culture of her new home near New Orleans. What better time to experience that than while “Walking the Parade Route”? She embraces the culture … and so much more … while waiting for the floats to pass and the beads to fly.

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