You have completed an entire book! I hope you’ve celebrated!! (Chocolate comes to my mind!) Now another stage of your work begins, and you are taking the next best step by seeking an editor to help you fine-tune your work. Bravo!


I know you have countless outstanding choices for editors, so your consideration means a great deal to me. Thank you for heading to my site to get to know a bit about my book editing services. Now, let’s see if I can answer some of your questions.


Unfortunately, many writers eye editing the way a toddler inspects a brussels sprout. I propose instead that you view editing as the honey coating a melt-in-your-mouth sopapilla.

Can you tell I like food?

Let me put it another way: your book is a precious gem you’ve worked hard to unearth. You’ve literally poured out blood, sweat and tears. I understand. Honestly, I do; I’m in the writing mines with you. Let me pick up your gemstone now and polish it. I want to make it—and you—shine as brightly as possible.


Double Bean Burrito Combo (hereafter referred to as DB2C): $800

My specialty lies in Copyediting & Proofreading. What this means for you is I will go through your entire manuscript and edit, line by line, your grammar, syntax, structure, spelling, word usage, punctuation, typos and other little details. While many editors charge separately for these two services, I prefer to keep them together. In addition, if I notice any major issues with your plot, characters, storyline, etc., I will include notes.

How can you get the most out of this tasty Combo? I’m glad you asked! I recommend you first take the necessary steps to locate and revise big picture issues—plot holes, character inconsistencies, pacing problems, etc. To do this, you can send your book baby to a critique partner, beta reader(s), and/or a developmental editor (*cough, cough* me—see the Beef Enchilada or The Whole Chimichanga below) before purchasing this package.

Now, you may have skimmed over that last paragraph, thinking I can do it all for you. Thanks for your confidence, but I can’t … in this package alone. These are two very different types of editing. If I tried to do it all in one pass, you wouldn’t get the best quality. (See below the next question for further explanation.)


Beef Enchilada: $600

Developmental Editing is what you need if you want me to read your manuscript and focus on those bigger issues—plot holes, character development, pacing, etc. I will send it back your way with a list of suggested revisions. While I will provide samples of how you could revise some of the issues, this is your manuscript and needs your voice to make the proper changes. That’s why I suggest you add a side of Rice or Refried Beans …

Rice: $100

If you would like to add a Revision Consultation where I will answer any questions and offer feedback on your changes via email (1 email chain, spanning no more than 2 days) or phone (1 session, up to an hour), we can add this to either editing service. This consultation should be used within two weeks of completion of the editing service.


Refried Beans: $200

If you would like to add two Revision Consultations where I will answer any questions and offer feedback on your changes via email (2 email chains, spanning no more than 2 days each) or phone (2 sessions, up to an hour each), we can add this to either editing service. Both consultations should be used within one month of completion of the editing service.

The Whole Chimichanga: $1,500

If you would like me to do both types of editing, this package is for you! This becomes a true partnership where we will work together on a timeline for both sessions. I will complete the Developmental Edit and return to you for revising. Once you send me your revised manuscript, I will switch to Copyediting & Proofreading mode for you. I’m also available to you via email or phone during a pre-determined time frame for two Revision Consultations (see details regarding Refried Beans above). Ideally, we will schedule one Consultation between the two edits and one after the second edit.

Please note: Prices for DB2C, Beef Enchilada and The Whole Chimichanga are set for manuscripts up to 100,000 words (based on the total word count that appears at the bottom of your Word document); please add $50 per 50,000 words above that. (e.g. DB2C for 100,001-150,000 words = $850; 151,001-200,000 = $900; etc.)


Oh, the time! Oh, the expense! Oh, the salsa!

Think about it this way: say you send me a manuscript that you’ve revised a few times and maybe let your best friend read. You know what you’re saying; your friend gets you. It’s good to go, right?

Maybe. Maybe not.

What if I get your manuscript and discover your opening “hook” puts me to sleep instead? What if some of your characters are falling a bit flat or seem to mysteriously disappear mid-way through the book? What if you’re missing a reason for your reader to keep reading? What if plot holes swallow my red pen?

I could go ahead and make line edits and tell you about those giant changes you ought to make. The problem is, if you do a major revision, you’re going to need another line edit. It’s a vicious cycle of too much chips, not enough salsa; too much salsa, not enough … you get the idea.


Go on vacation without a book!

Have an entire conversation without mentioning food!

But, you mean when it comes to book editing services, of course. The two genres or subjects I will not edit are erotica and anything glorifying demonic or Wiccan activities and rituals. Other than that, I’m good to go!

My favorite books fall in the historical fiction, literary fiction, fantasy, science fiction and biography genres—you know, in case you’d like to buy me one!


Depending on the size of your manuscript, the depth of editing required and the time of year, I have a 2- to 4-week turnaround. I give each client’s work undivided attention. We will discuss our timeline in detail when you book your editing services.


Step One

First, I book editing slots. I don’t have many each month, and I book them in advance. So, plan ahead! Contact me first with:

  • What service you’re interested in,
  • A little about your book (genre, word count, story status, etc.),
  • How you’re seeking to publish (traditional or self/Indie)
  • And when you’d like to book me.

Step Two

I’ll respond with my availability. If that works for you, I will request a sample of your manuscript along with a “blurb” or “pitch” of your work. Please send me:

  • Your blurb or pitch (typically in the 30-word, 3-sentence range),
  • Your first page,
  • Two random, non-sequential pages from somewhere within your manuscript
  • And your final page. (4 manuscript pages total)

The reason for my odd request is I want to get a feeling for what your manuscript really needs. I’ll evaluate if you’re asking for the right service and determine how much editing your work needs. This allows me to give you a more accurate timeline for manuscript return. In addition, you’ll get a feel for how I edit and what to expect from my services. Please allow 2-4 days for return.

No strings attached with this sample edit! We need to make sure we’re a good fit and that I can deliver exactly what you want in the time you need it.

Step Three

Once we’ve settled on a service and timeline and feel confident about each other, I will ask for two more bits of information from you:

  • Your mailing address (for me to copy/paste into the contract)
  • Your Paypal-affiliated email for the invoice

Step Four

At this point, I will send you a PDF contract for you to sign and return. Also, I will send you an invoice via Paypal. You will pay half of the total cost upfront, with the other half due upon return of your manuscript.

Step Five

I typically work in Word, using the “track changes” feature so that you can choose to accept or decline each change I make. At the end of the day, this is YOUR manuscript; so you have final say in what gets changed. Also, you will be able to see any notes with developmental suggestions. If you have another preference, I can certainly take that into consideration.


Once again, thank you for considering me to help with your book. I view my clients as my friends, and I hope we work together on many books over the years. Let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to hearing from you soon!




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